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Superior Corrosion Moderate Wear Coating

General Description

TriCom-801, a Ni-Co-P alloy coating, offers the best corrosion resistance among the TriCom family of coatings. It has a unique combination of hardness and corrosion protection. The hardness of Tricom-801 is somewhat less than hard chrome but has far superior corrosion resistance. Compared to electroless nickel, TriCom-801 is harder, has similar corrosion resistance and is more cost effective at thicker requirements due to its efficiency and buildup capability. The coating is an alternative for most electroless nickel, nickel, nickel chrome, hard chrome, TDC and nitriding applications. Applications include marine roller and shafts, automotive shock damper rods, and fasteners.


The TriCom coating is applied using an electroplating process similar to chrome but has a deposition rate 4X faster resulting in 1/5 the energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions by the same. The part to be coated is held in a rack and immersed in an aqueous bath with electric current applied at the contact points. The process is capable of coating net form shapes including external and internal diameters/surfaces. As with other electroplating processes TriCom tends to slightly build up on sharp edges and fade in deep corners. Embrittlement relief may be required for substrates exceeding 40 HRC.


  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Unlike electroless nickel, thicker deposits are easily possible
  • A single-layer, nonbrittle, ductile coating
  • NLOS process applicable to internal diameters as small as 0.200
  • Unlike thermal sparay coatings, does not distort thin metal components and can be applied to near net shapes
  • Bonds to ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Heat treat for greater hardness to 900 HVN
Properties TriCom-801 Hard Chrome Electroless Ni (high P)
Thickness (inch) 0.0003″ – 0.030″ 0.0001″ – 0.020″ 0.0001″ – 0.002″
Hardness (HVN) 570 – 650 900 – 1000 500 – 550
Corrosion Protection (ASTM B117) 1,680 Hours *No degradation 72 Hours 1,000 Hours
Corrosion Protection (ASTM B368) 330 Hours (Terminated test) <2 hours 330 Hours (Terminated test)
Taber Abrasion Wear 7.02 1.8 22.5
Elongation <3.5% 0.1% 3.0 – 6.0%
Temperature Range <315°C <425°C <315°C
Rotating Beam Fatigue Life No Debit 6x No Debit 0.4 – 0.6x Debit 0.3x