Alternative Coatings For Your Hard Chrome Electroless Nickel HVOF Aerospace Needs

Eco-friendly Industrial Coatings

Tricom alternative industrial coatings have no hazardous waste stream, reduced energy requirements, reduced CO₂ emissions and free of hexavalent chrome.

Wear & Corrosion Protection

TriCom provides extended wear life that is five times longer than Hard Chrome and corrosion resistance that lasts three times longer than Electroless Nickel. (Data from ASTM and field testing)

the future of industrial plating is here

A novel electroplating technology based on a composite microstructure consisting of a binary or tertiary alloy matrix is now available for all industry applications. TriCom, a replacement for hard chrome, HVOF and electroless nickel, is poised to take over the market with its significant advantages in the field and without the environmental concerns.

This environmentally benign electrocoating can be engineered for different applications by changing electroplating process parameters, bath chemistry, and/or heat treatment. This control allows for the tailoring of unique coatings to achieve specific application needs. TriCom has been DOD and Aerospace qualified and approved.

our process

TriCom alternative coatings are applied using an electroplating process similar to chrome but has a deposition rate 4x faster. This results in 1/5 the energy consumption and reduces CO₂ emissions by the same. The part to be coated is held in a rack and immersed in an aqueous bath with electric current applied at the contact points.

The process is capable of coating net form shapes including external and internal diameters (surfaces). As with other electroplating processes, TriCom tends to lightly build up on sharp edges and fade in deep corners.

TriCom Being Plated On Product

Surface compatibility

Plating on all metals, including Ti and Al, steels, Ni and Co base superalloys

Advanced Testing

Pre-qualification testing, friction and wear, Taber wear, ASTM G65 abrasive wear, ASTM B117 salt spray corrosion test, and more


Plating to a wide range of non-line-of-sight (NLOS) geometries. Grinding, honing and build up thickness ≥ 0.020"

Tailored Solutions

Our research and development team will create tailored coatings for precise application needs

Latest Company News

Welcome to USC Technologies

USC Technologies has developed and made commercially available a breakthrough family of economical, electrolytic coatings that are direct replacements for hard chrome, electroless nickel, thermal spray coating, HVOF, and nitriding.


RoHS & REACH Compliance News

European Union customers and prospects will be pleased to learn that USC Technologies’ processes and coatings are in full compliance with EU environmental regulations, including RoHS and REACH.


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