TriCom - Advanced Aerospace Coating

A Breakthrough For Aerospace Coatings

It started when an aerospace prime reached out in search of a solution to a very time sensitive problem. There was a dire need for an alternative aerospace coating that would outlast hard chrome, coat a very small inner diameter, and be environmentally friendly. Upon this request, the research and development division put themselves to task to create a new aerospace coating with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance, enhanced wear protection, non-line-of-sight coating ability, and zero hazardous waste stream.

The creation of TriCom for aerospace plating occurred shortly thereafter and its test results astounded everyone involved. By controlling the coating characteristics, it is possible to optimize TriCom for different target applications. TriCom offers an environmentally friendly chromium alternative, a corrosion-resistant alternative to electroless nickel, and is a non-line-of-sight (NLOS) solution to thermal spray limitations.

USC Technologies aerospace coatings division had TriCom qualified and is expanding its work with multiple global aerospace primes and has grown the TriCom electrocoating technologies. We are currently in production and testing phases with several OEMs. All of our electrocoatings are RoHS & REACH compliant.

Benefits of TriCom as an Advanced Aerospace Coating

Defy Corrosion Limitations

TriCom sets a new standard in protection from atmospheric corrosion. Using industry standard ASTM B117 salt spray testing, TriCom impressively surpasses other aerospace coatings by lasting 2,500 hours without any degradation to the coating or part.

Unmatched Wear Resistance

Comparing ASTM D4060 (Taber Wear) test data, TriCom outperformed other aerospace coatings for improved wear resistance. Along with unmatched atmospheric corrosion resistance, your parts will have exceptional durability, and longevity, meaning less down-time.

Aerospace Approved & Eco-Friendly

Having passed rigorous testing to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry, TriCom provides you with a quality solution that’s validated, reliable, and production ready. Not only is TriCom environmentally safe, but it also reduces the health risks associated with traditional coating processes.

Versatility Across Application Geometries

Our coating process is adaptable to any aerospace component manufactured. TriCom can be applied to near-net-shape and to a wide range of inside and outside diameters, flat surfaces, and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications. No matter how complex the design, TriCom provides complete coverage for optimal performance.

Advanced Ductility Profile

TriCom’s ability to bend and deflect with the movement and stresses associated with an aerospace components, reduces the chance of damage, cracking, or delamination.

Efficient Repair for Worn Parts

TriCom is a reliable solution for repairing worn aerospace applications. TriCom can be deposited up to 0.025 thickness, effectively restoring functionality and extending the lifespan of your parts.

Advantages of TriCom as an Aerospace Coating

Different TriCom aerospace surface finishings, as an alternative to chrome plating, have been developed or modified for unique application needs. These efforts resulted in an entire family of new alternative coatings that offer several advantages.

High Temperature

Thickness:   Up to 0.020″

Hardness:   550-650 ( >700 HT)

ASTM B117:   1,000 Hours*

Reciprocating Wear:   1.4×10⁻⁵

Taber Wear Index:   9.54

Temperature Range:   < 425°C

Low Friction

 Thickness:   Up to 0.020″

Hardness:   650-750 ( >800 HT)

ASTM B117:   1,000 Hours*

Reciprocating Wear:   3×10⁻⁵

Taber Wear Index:   11.54

Temperature Range:   < 315°C

Abrasion Wear Coating

Thickness:   Up to 0.020″

Hardness:   700-700 ( >900 HT)

ASTM B117:   1,000 Hours*

Reciprocating Wear:   3.2×10⁻⁵

Taber Wear Index:   1.0

Temperature Range:   < 425°C

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