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These innovative coatings and processes have been able to solve several unique issues within the electrocoating world. Our R&D lab makes coatings tailored to specific applications to enhance their wear and corrosion in each of the following industries.

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USC Technologies was born from a need within the aerospace industry, and ever since we have been actively engaged with various aerospace primes. The aerospace community needs consistent, reliable, and efficient performing equipment; parts coated with TriCom offer them those characteristics.


TriCom electrocoatings are proven to increase the wear and corrosion resistance of surface metals and extend the life of agricultural components that are continually exposed to the elements. From intense mechanical contact like cutting and threshing of crops to severe wear conditions from abrasive grains and chaff, TriCom is specifically designed to significantly reduce their detrimental effects. It greatly reduces friction, wear, and seizing, while also providing reliable performance under the most demanding conditions.

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It is our objective to find the solutions to the issues our customers have. Longevity, corrosion, and seal failure were common in the hydraulic manufacturing industry before TriCom. Our fully dense coating has exceptional corrosion and wear properties and can be applied on new OEM components. Service life of applications with TriCom have increased up to 5 times longer than hard chrome.


TriCom electrocoatings offer remarkably better corrosion resistance in high chloride environments when compared to hard chrome. Results from long term testing have shown up to 5x increased longevity in marine applications when TriCom is in use. Production interruption and downtime due to repairing failed hardware can be minimized, allowing for increased output for your customers.

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Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industries upstream operations take place in some of the most extreme environments. Whether in arctic seas or harsh deserts, unexpected application failures, in any environment, cause an increase in costs, downtime, and scrap. TriCom notably lowers this risk by reducing friction and wear, seizures, and providing reliable performance under the most demanding conditions. Our coatings reduce the need for repair while giving customers a visible and tangible quality difference they can experience.

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