TriCom - An HVOF Alternative

High velocity oxy-fuel spraying, often referred to as HVOF spraying or thermal spraying, is a coating method that sprays melted (or heated) particles onto a surface. The HVOF coating process results in a wear, corrosion, and thermal resistant barrier on the outer diameter (OD) of a structure. HVOF spray is readily used in several industries today including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and textile. However, the several limitations of thermal spray coatings spurred our research and development engineers to discover a breakthrough technology that is able to surpass HVOF spray standards without any of its disadvantages.

One of the many advantages that TriCom provides is the ability to coat non-line-of-sight (NLOS) areas like the inner diameter (ID) of a structure. Unlike HVOF coating and other thermal spray technologies, TriCom will result in a better adhesion to the bonding area when coating the ID. After parts have been processed with HVOF spray, grinding or polishing is required to achieve the final dimensions. As a alternative coating, TriCom can be coated to near-net-shape with no distortion of the component during the coating process. Rarely is there a need for secondary operations that only increase time and cost. In addition, HVOF spraying is a very costly process. TriCom customers have seen an overall cost reduction on their operations, not only due to the lower initial investment but as a result of a longer lifespan from products in the field.

Benefits of TriCom as an HVOF Alternative

Cost-Effective Excellence

TriCom is a low-cost process that maximizes efficiency without compromising quality. Compared to our electroplating process, Thermal Spray coatings, such as HVOF spray, can be more expensive due to the higher costs associated with specialized equipment.

Comparable Properties to HVOF

As an alternative coating option to HVOF, TriCom delivers properties that mirror the excellence of HVOF. Benefit from wear as per ASTM G65, corrosion resistance as per ASTM B117, and adhesion as per ASTM B571 – matching the high standards set by HVOF.

Versatility Across Geometries

Achieve remarkable results in applications with non-line-of-sight (NLOS) or inside diameters measuring 1 ½” and larger. Unlike HVOF spraying, our process preserves the integrity of thin flexible metal parts during electrodeposition, making it ideal for near-net-shape.

Aerospace Approved & Eco-Friendly

Having passed rigorous testing to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry, TriCom provides you with a quality aerospace coating solution that’s validated, reliable, and production ready. Not only is TriCom aerospace approved, it’s also environmentally safe.

Advanced Ductility Profile

Unlike HVOF spray, TriCom is a ductile coating that will bend and deflect, significantly reducing the chance of component delamination, damage, or cracking. The ductility of the coating increases the lifespan of your components and minimizes the risk of handling damage.

Repair Capability for Worn Parts

As a reliable solution for worn parts, TriCom can be easily removed (stripped), facilitating efficient and seamless repairs. TriCom can be deposited up to 0.025 thickness, effectively restoring functionality and extending the lifespan of your parts.

A Comparative Look At TriCom

TriCom is able to achieve or exceed the characteristics of HVOF coatings while being cost-effective and versatile to geometries. Our alternative coating can be tailored to meet or exceed the requirements for applications in every industry, including aerospace, agriculture, hydraulics, marine, and oil and gas.


Thickness:   0.0003″ – 0.030″

Hardness (HVN):   650-680

ASTM B117:   1,000 Hours* No Degradation

Temperature Range:   < 315°C


Thickness:   0.005″ – 0.010″

Hardness (HVN):   800-900

ASTM B117:   1,000 Hours

Temperature Range:   < 315°C

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ID Coverage

TriCom plates where HVOF can’t, saving you time and money.

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Customers have realized up to 67% savings over other coatings.

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