TriCom - A Chromium Alternative

For decades, manufacturers across every industry have been searching for a competitive, cost-effective, and practical alternative to chromium plating. Since OSHA (US) and the REACH & RoHS directive (EU) started restricting hard chromium due to its highly toxic nature, and with future increases in regulations and restrictions on the horizon, research and development has rapidly expanded to discover a viable replacement.

Developed by the chemical engineers at USC Technologies, TriCom was specifically designed as a direct replacement coating for applications requiring engineering hard chrome. As an alternative to chrome plating, TriCom is environmentally safe and hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] free; All while exhibiting improvements to the tribology and corrosion resistance that engineering chromium is known for.

Benefits of TriCom as a Chromium Alternative

Hardness Matching Chromium

For toughness and durability, TriCom exhibits hardness that is on par with chromium, providing engineering components with a hard surface finish ranging from 600 – 1100 HV (55 – 68 HRc). Our coating is engineered to ensure uncompromising strength and longevity to thrive in the most rigorous conditions.

Unrivaled Wear Resistance

Shattering the boundaries of wear resistance, TriCom chrome plating alternative surpasses chromium by lasting up to 3 times longer in the field, as validated by ASTM G65 (Dry Abrasion Wear) and ASTM D4060 (Taber Wear) testing. The incorporation of ultra-hard particulates, like SiC, provides engineering components with superior wear resistance.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

When subjected to ASTM B117 corrosion testing, chromium succumbs within a mere 72 hours. TriCom, our innovative alternative chrome  coating, lasted over 2500 hours without degradation before the test was stopped. The corrosion protection from TriCom outperformed chromium by a staggering 30 times.

Aerospace Approved & Eco-Friendly

Having passed rigorous testing to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry, TriCom as an aerospace coating provides you with a quality solution that’s validated, reliable, and production ready. Not only is TriCom environmentally safe, but it also reduces the health risks associated with traditional coating processes.

Versatility Across Application Geometries

Our coating process is adaptable to any industrial component manufactured. TriCom chromium alternative can be applied to near-net-shape and to a wide range of inside and outside diameters, flat surfaces, and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications. No matter how complex the design, TriCom provides complete coverage for optimal performance.

Advanced Ductility Profile

As an alternative to chrome plating, TriCom’s ability to bend and deflect with the movement and stresses associated with an engineering component reduces the chance of damage, cracking, or delamination. The ductility of the coating increases the lifespan of your components while also minimizing the risk of handling damage.

A Comparative Look At TriCom Chromium Alternative

TriCom is able to achieve improved characteristics on component surfaces resulting in remarkable advantages over Hard Chrome. This chromium alternative can be tailored to meet or exceed the requirements for applications in every industry, including aerospace, agriculture, hydraulics, marine, and oil and gas.


Thickness:   0.0003″ – 0.025″

Hardness (HVN):   570-650 (900HT)

ASTM B117:   2500 Hours * No Degradation

ASTM B368:   330 Hours * Test Terminated

Elongation:   > 3.5%

Temperature Range:   < 315°C

Rotating Beam Fatigue Life: No Debit – 6x


Thickness:   0.0001″ – 0.020″

Hardness (HVN):   > 1000 

ASTM B117:   72 Hours Until Failure

ASTM B368:   < 2 Hours Until Failure

Elongation:   > 0.1%

Temperature Range:   < 425°C

Rotating Beam Fatigue Life: Debit – 0.4-6x

1 %
Longer Life

TriCom coated parts last up to 5x longer than hard chrome.

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Manufacturers have realized up to 67% savings over other coatings.

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