A True Hard Chrome Plating Alternative

Benefits of a Hard Chrome Plating Alternative

Fully Dense & Crack Free

A single layer of TriCom creates a barrier to harsh chemicals and the environment which gives it superior corrosion resistance.

Improved Seal Performance

An increase in seal performance means less down time in the field from repairs resulting in a direct cost savings.

Superior Ductility

TriCom will bend and deflect with the part, therefore reducing the chance of delamination.

Excellent Throwing Power

TriCom can plate in low current density seal ring grooves but without the build up similar to chrome plating.

TriCom vs Hard Chrome

Several TriCom hard chrome alternative coatings have been developed for unique application needs in various markets, such as aerospace, hydraulics, marine, defense, agriculture, and mining equipment. These efforts resulted in innovative coatings that provide the extraordinary advantages detailed below.


Thickness:   0.0003″ – 0.030″

Hardness (HVN):   570-650 (900HT)

ASTM B117:   2500 Hours * No Degradation

ASTM B368:   330 Hours * Test Terminated

Elongation:   > 3.5%

Temperature Range:   < 315°C

Rotating Beam Fatigue Life: No Debit – 6x


Thickness:   0.0001″ – 0.020″

Hardness (HVN):   > 1000 

ASTM B117:   72 Hours Until Failure

ASTM B368:   < 2 Hours Until Failure

Elongation:   > 0.1%

Temperature Range:   < 425°C

Rotating Beam Fatigue Life: Debit – 0.4-6x

A Need For A Hard Chrome Replacement

For decades, manufacturers across several industries have been searching for a competitive, efficient, and practical hard chrome replacement. Since OSHA (US), REACH & RoHS (EU) started restricting hard chromium due to its highly toxic nature and with future increases in regulations and restrictions on the horizon, R&D has rapidly expanded to find a new alternative to chromium.

TriCom was specifically created as a hexavalent chromium free direct replacement coating for hard chrome that features increased corrosion and abrasion wear resistance precisely suited to our customer’s needs.

Our TriCom alternative coatings simultaneously provide incredible wear resistance, excellent corrosion protection and are a build-up coating that is suitable for grinding and honing. Most importantly, TriCom can achieve a similar hardness to hard chrome because of the coating’s ability to further harden during the heat treat process.

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Longer Life

TriCom coated parts last up to 5x longer than hard chrome.

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Customers have realized up to 67% savings over other coatings.

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Our R&D team is here to partner with you to exceed your expectations.

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