Over the last several decades, the environmental protection and preservation movement has continued to grow stronger. USC Technologies is proud to be a pioneer in developing and standardizing eco-friendly industrial plating solutions across the industry.

Since the 90’s, metal finishing companies have been working to stay within the boundaries set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Meanwhile, USC Technologies was dedicating years of research and development towards providing an alternative plating solution that would be more environmentally responsible than current technologies. For almost two decades, USC Technologies has focused on developing TriCom electrocoatings. TriCom exceeds the needs of our customers while reducing CO₂ emissions, reducing energy demand, and creating zero hazardous waste streams.

USC Technologies solution for a better tomorrow starts with us continuously innovating our superior plating technology, maintaining the utmost efficiency in production, and expanding our advanced eco-friendly industrial plating solutions across the globe.

TriCom Alternative Coating Technology

  • Eco-friendly industrial plating family of coatings that are free of hexavalent chrome
  • Alternative coatings that serve as a replacement for
  • Reduced energy requirements compared to Cr⁺⁶
  • Reduced CO₂ emissions due to low energy demands
  • No hazardous waste streams
  • Improved efficiency
Windmills for energy

Zero Hazardous Waste Stream

No hexavalent chrome is used in TriCom electrocoatings. Without hexavalent chrome and other hazardous chemicals, there is no hazardous waste from our electrocoating processes. Old solutions will build up chemicals over time and will need to have these chemicals removed before we can reuse the solution in our tanks. The buildup chemicals that are removed will then be recycled and reused in other plating processes.

Internal Processes For Eco-Friendly Industrial Plating

An important step to having an environmentally friendly operation is to maintain proper facility cleaning standards. A reduction in waste or pollution produced from industrial plating will minimize harmful environmental impact. This not only includes constant monitoring of our solutions, but the cleansing of tanks, tools, workstations, and other plant areas.

TriCom inherently uses less energy than other plating processes but we continue to implement practices that lower our overall energy use within the facility. For any plating process, ventilation is a requirement for keeping workers safe. We regularly audit our systems to make sure we are being efficient while maintaining a safer work environment.

Our Commitment To The Environment

As an eco-friendly industrial plating company, our commitment to providing innovative plating solutions that are less harmful to the environment is constant. Our goal is to continue forging a new path for alternative electrocoatings that offer advantages over all other plating solutions while reducing harmful emissions.

Our stance to being proactive on environmental regulations has been to lead with new technologies, rather than be reactive by keeping an eye on how the regulations change. As a forward-thinking company, we don’t want to adapt our processes to new regulations, we want regulations to adapt our processes to the industry.

At USC Technologies, we believe that the future of the plating industry is in environmentally friendly industrial plating solutions. From reducing pollutants to recycling plating solution, our commitment to leading the way and doing the right thing, is never wavering.

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