TriCom - An Electroless Nickel Alternative

Electroless Nickel (EN), specifically High-Phosphorous EN, is known for the exceptional metal corrosion resistance, and good wear resistance, that it provides to the surface of components it is plated on. Electroless nickel plating can also provide other characteristics when the Phosphorous levels in the plating bath are changed. Mid-Phosphorous EN can provide better wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, while Low-Phosphorous EN can provide even greater wear resistance with nominal corrosion resistance. As a result, electroless nickel it is a popular finish that’s widely used by many manufacturers around the world.

Surface finishing has advanced over the last 100 years though, and the creation of innovative alternative finishes, like TriCom, offer advantages that traditional industrial coatings can’t compete with. For example, TriCom is able to exceed the best characteristics exhibited in each variation of Electroless Nickel, offering greater corrosion resistance and wear protection. In addition, as an alternative coating, TriCom can’t be easily compromised due to aging or poorly maintained plating baths.

Benefits of TriCom as an Electroless Nickel Alternative

Defy Corrosion Limitations

TriCom sets a new standard in protection from harsh chemicals and corrosion. Using industry standard ASTM B117 salt spray testing, TriCom alternative coating impressively surpasses Electroless Nickel by lasting 2,500 hours without any degradation to the coating or part.

Twice the Wear Resistance

According to ASTM D4060 (Taber Wear) testing, TriCom outperformed Electroless Nickel, exhibiting twice the metal wear resistance. Along with unmatched corrosion resistance materials, your parts will have exceptional durability, and longevity, meaning less down-time.

Cost-Effective Solution for Thick Deposits

The Electroless Nickel plating process limits its ability to achieve thick deposits. TriCom is a cost-effective solution to do this, capable of depositing up to 0.025 thickness at a rate five times faster. Our Tricom electroless nickel alternative coating saves you time and money while delivering a better finish.

Consistent Adhesion and Quality

Avoid the pitfalls of aging or poorly maintained Electroless Nickel plating baths that can compromise corrosion resistance, wear resistance, porosity, and adhesion. TriCom electroless nickel alternative maintains its properties and promotes bond strength inherent in the electrolytic process.

All-In-One Coating Solution

Save time from researching the different versions of Electroless Nickel coatings to protect your application. TriCom eliminates the confusion by providing one industrial coating solution that combines the benefits of High, Mid, and Low Phosphorus Electroless Nickel.

Efficient Repair for Worn Parts

TriCom electroless nickel alternative is a reliable solution for repairing worn applications. When it’s impossible to build up Electroless Nickel for heavily worn metal parts, TriCom can be deposited up to 0.025 thickness, effectively restoring functionality and extending the lifespan of your parts.

A Comparative Look at TriCom Electroless Nickel Alternative

TriCom is able to exceed the characteristics provided by Electroless Nickel and offers greater usability and longevity. Our alternative coating can be tailored to meet or exceed the requirements for applications in every industry, including aerospace, agriculture, hydraulics, marine, and oil and gas.


Thickness:   0.0003″ – 0.030″

Hardness (HVN):   570-650

ASTM B117:   2500 Hours * No Degradation

Elongation:   > 3.5%

Temperature Range:   < 315°C

Rotating Beam Fatigue Life: No Debit – 6x


Thickness:   0.0001″ – 0.002″

Hardness (HVN):   500-550

ASTM B117:   1,000 Hours

Elongation:   3-6%

Temperature Range:   < 315°C

Rotating Beam Fatigue Life: Debit 0.3x

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Improved Corrosion Protection

TriCom coated parts have superior corrosion resistance.

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Customers have realized up to 67% savings over other coatings.

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