Electroless Nickel Plating Alternative

Benefits to Electroless Nickel Plating Alternative

Corrosion Resistance

TriCom is coated as a single layer barrier that is fully dense and crack-free. As a result, items coated with TriCom have a significantly reduced chance of corrosion and increased lifespan.

Aerospace Qualified

We've gone through the long and rigorous testing processes to become aerospace qualified. From the start, we understood the significant benefits our coatings would bring to the industry.

Uniformity & Build Up

TriCom coatings are applied uniformly, even on complex shapes with slots, holes and small IDs. Moreover, our unique coatings allow for a build up thickness greater than 0.020".

Fast Turnaround

Another advantage to TriCom is that it requires less plating time resulting in a faster turnaround of parts. With a deposition rate much faster than electroless nickel, our coatings save on time.

TriCom vs Electroless Nickel

TriCom coatings have been engineered for unique application needs in various markets, such as aerospace, hydraulics, marine, defense, agriculture, and mining equipment. These efforts produced innovative coatings that provide the superior benefits detailed below.


Thickness:   0.0003″ – 0.030″

Hardness (HVN):   570-650

ASTM B117:   2500 Hours * No Degradation

Elongation:   > 3.5{13bc26adb076bd27768d93a09cd0b990f670259ca97b7907589065fc8f415f88}

Temperature Range:   < 315°C

Rotating Beam Fatigue Life: No Debit – 6x


Thickness:   0.0001″ – 0.002″

Hardness (HVN):   500-550

ASTM B117:   1,000 Hours

Elongation:   3-6{13bc26adb076bd27768d93a09cd0b990f670259ca97b7907589065fc8f415f88}

Temperature Range:   < 315°C

Rotating Beam Fatigue Life: Debit 0.3x

Electroless Nickel Alternative

Electroless Nickel has been a very useful finish within the plating industry. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and uniformity along with good wear and hardness characteristics. As a result, it has been a popular finish that’s widely used by many manufacturers around the world when these characteristics are required.

Surface finishing has advanced over the last 100 years though with the creation of new finishes like the TriCom family of electrocoatings. TriCom offers a range of finishes that are similar yet provide superior benefits over Electroless Nickel. These new electrocoatings exceed the current wear, corrosion, and hardness characteristics of Electroless Nickel. In addition, TriCom has a lower cost due to the price of materials and reduced plating time. In other words, the advantages of TriCom firmly surpass its competition.

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Improved Corrosion Protection

TriCom coated parts have superior corrosion resistance.

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Customers have realized up to 67{13bc26adb076bd27768d93a09cd0b990f670259ca97b7907589065fc8f415f88} savings over other coatings.

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