USC Technologies is an industry leading eco-friendly, corrosion and wear resistant electrocoating company headquartered in Stratford, CT. With a heritage in hard chrome plating, USC Technologies has utilized over 80 years of electroplating innovation to deliver a breakthrough family of economical, electrolytic coatings called TriCom.

TriCom is an alternative to hard chrome plating, electroless nickel, thermal spray coating, HVOF, PVD vacuum deposits and nitriding. USC Technologies success and reputation as a leader in environmentally friendly, alternative coating solutions are a result of a driven team, prioritization of quality, dedication to customer success, investment in research and development strategies, and focus on developing solutions that address the highly specific requirements of the electroplating industry.

USC Technologies has a second plating facility, located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Surface compatibility

Plating on all metals, including Ti and Al, steels, Ni and Co base superalloys

Advanced Testing

Pre-qualification testing, friction and wear, Taber wear, ASTM G65 abrasive wear, ASTM B117 salt spray corrosion test, and more


Plating to a wide range of non-line-of-sight (NLOS) geometries. Grinding, honing and build up thickness ≥ 0.020"

Tailored Solutions

Our research and development team will create tailored electrocoatings for precise application needs

Developing For The Future

The chemical engineering and research and development teams at USC Technologies worked hand in hand to develop TriCom as an alternative to chrome plating and an eco-friendly family of electrocoatings that are free of hexavalent chrome. As a result, TriCom features several environmentally friendly benefits including a reduction in CO₂ emissions, reduction in energy requirements over Cr⁺⁶, and zero hazardous waste streams.

Our Team

USC Technologies has two plating facilities that are comprised of a unique team of exceptionally qualified engineers, chemical analysts, and tooling specialists skilled in precision plating. TriCom electrocoatings have been supplied to many of the prominent manufacturers around the globe.

Our Commitment

Through decades of collaboration, extensive electroplating expertise and an unwavering focus on innovation, TriCom has advanced into a comprehensive series of electrocoatings such as a chrome plating alternative tailor-made to fit specific applications. Supply-chain manufacturers require high quality standards, and the commitment to exceeding those standards is how USC Technologies has defined quality, precision and innovation in the plating industry.

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